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A Study in London: Touring London in a Sherlockian Purview

by Leslie M. Garland, Retired Counselor

Using a theme or overarching goal can serve as a great way to see a familiar destination with fresh eyes. In this regard, a particularly effective and interesting way to tour London is through the lens of Britain’s most iconic literary figure, Sherlock Holmes.

Starting at the freelance detective’s residential flat, 221b Baker Street, “the world’s most famous address,” visitors can examine rooms decorated and maintained according to the descriptions found in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novels and short stories detailing the exploits of Mr. Holmes and his loyal friend, Dr. Watson.

Heading to the Sherlock Holmes Public House and Restaurant, guests can enjoy food and drink inspired by Mr. Holmes’ adventures. This establishment also maintains a vast collection of memorabilia that includes a faithful reproduction of the detective’s rather chaotic study.

Traveling to a number of destinations that played significant roles in the Sherlock Holmes canon, visitors can explore Charing Cross Station, Covent Garden, and the area around and including the British Museum. Through this journey, those familiar with the detective’s escapades will readily notice numerous roads and establishments mentioned throughout the canon.

After passing the Royal Opera House and a number of other notable landmarks, visitors can dine at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand. This restaurant, in operation since 1828, is the same as that frequented by Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson.

This tour around London takes visitors to many historical locations and exposes them to myriad points of interest along the way, all while following in the footsteps of one the most quintessential British characters of all time.

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