About Leslie M. Garland

Like many seasoned travelers, Leslie M. Garland has discovered the wonders of the Windy City. A bit of advanced preparation can make your trip to Chicago, Illinois, that much better; in this discussion, you’ll find a list of useful websites for planning your visit.


Here you’ll find the official website of the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau. Notable for its focus on both leisure and work, Choose Chicago will help you plan either a family vacation or a business conference. The website offers information on city tours and points of interest, as well as material on shopping, cultural events, dining, and nightlife. The website also provides discounts and deals for a number of popular events.

For business travelers, Choose Chicago offers a venue search, information on finding suppliers and support staff, and resources for promoting your meeting. The site also provides information for planning group visits.


This resource offers information on the various Chicago neighborhoods and what to do there. It also features a number of indispensable travel tools. For instance, My Trip Planner, a free online tool, makes it easy to organize an itinerary, add events, and collaborate with others on your trip. The Guides and Maps section of the website, on the other hand, offers documents to help you get around once you’re in the city.


Finally, check out Lonely Planet’s online guide to Chicago. The social aspects of this website make it especially invaluable, as you can see what other visitors thought of events and attractions you’re considering. Lonely Planet also provides practical travel information, such as what kind of weather to expect, the cost of food and amenities, and the behaviors and habits of the locals.


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